Find the answer to frequently asked questions below! Do you need more information? Be sure to read through the Producer Check-List and Policy Manual. If you still need answers, Contact Us.

How do I sell on the Food Hub?
It’s easy to sign up! Check out the Producer Check-List and Policy Manual. After completion of the check list, you will receive an email login, giving you access to training materials and more. Be sure to take a look at our Weekly Order Cycles.

Is the Kenai Peninsula Food Hub a Co-Op
No, you can think of us as an online farmers market- customers can browse producers “virtual booths,” reading information about growing practices, philosophies, and biographical information. Customers may also browse by product types, selecting items from a variety of producers.   If you’d like to sell on the market, simply sign up online and complete the Producer Check-list.

What if I can’t pick up my order?
You may designate someone else to pick up your order. If this is not possible, we encourage you not to order for the week, as any unclaimed orders will be donated to local charities, like the Food Pantry or Food Bank,

If I’m a vendor and I want to be a customer as well, do I have to buy two memberships?
No! You can use one login for both.  You will just need to login in the appropriate spot. Producers login in at the bottom of the Online Marketplace, while customers login at the top. It will be clearly labeled as such.  Producers wishing to be customers need to only purchase the Producer Membership for $40.

We’re a restaurant and buy a lot! Can we get a bulk discount?
Any customer (restaurant, family, individual, anyone) who buys over $150 at a time will receive an automatic 10% discount when you check out!

Will the food hub be open all year?
We hope so! We have the ability to keep the Hub open, however we’ll need vendors to sell products throughout the darkest/coldest months. We’re hopeful that with this selling opportunity, there may be more root/storage vegetables, crafts and other goods available for sale in the winter. If we don’t have enough products to sell, we will be able to go into a “hibernation mode” for a few months until goods are ready to be sold again!

Where and when do I pick up my order?
Check out the website for details on your location (Homer or Kenai)!

What if I need to make changes to my order?
Customers can make changes to their order at any point when the shopping period is open!

Is the Food Hub part of the Farmers Market?
No. The Food Hub is an entirely different entity from the Farmers Market. We are hoping to expand options for people who may not currently shop at the Farmers Market for whatever reasons. We anticipate many of our vendors will sell at both locations.

Do you accept food stamps/EBT?
We are working with the Federal Nutrition Services for authorization to accept food stamps/EBT. We’re hoping to have this ability by early-summer.

What if I have quality concerns about some of my products?
We work with our vendors to ensure the highest quality of all products. However, if you have concerns you can work with the Food Hub manager during pick-up to adjust your order. After pick-up, you will need to work directly with the producer to remedy any issues.

Can I sell to both Kenai and Homer customers?
Yes, however the Food Hub does not offer transportation or other logistics for vendors wanting to sell in both locations. You will need to contact the Manager and provide your plan for ensuring distribution to both locations. You can offer products at one or the other location as you are available – i.e. you don’t have to provide products to both locations all of the time if you choose to try this out.